Moving to a new flagship DC in Amsterdam

Published 2023-OCT-19

Big changes ahead! We're proud to announce that we are opening a new location with a completely new network built from the ground up. This new location will be our main flagship DC, meaning that we are planning for a complete migration from our local facility to a new facility in Amsterdam. For this amazing step, we've decided to partner up with Iron Mountain, in this case with their AMS-1 facility.

Here is what Iron Mountain has to say about this data center: AMS-1 is one of the most dynamic and connectivity-rich colocation facilities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan data hub, with a huge scope for expansion. In an area where carrier-dense space is at a premium, AMS-1 has a 23-acre campus with ample room to grow from its current 17,000m2 of customer space with 22.7 MW of power up to 40,000m 2 and 60 MW. With hundreds of customers including 60 carriers and world-leading IXPs, a vast amount of valuable traffic passes through the data center, creating high-value interconnected ecosystems.

With the move to Amsterdam, we are responding to the needs of our ever-growing enterprise customers. On top of that, Amsterdam allows us to connect with our existing ERA-IX backbone with massive capacity between all our on-net data centers. AMS-1 has the presence of all major tier-1 network operators, allowing us to increase capacity quickly for our ambition to mitigate DDoS attacks in-house.

This flagship location will have a completely new designed network powered by Arista 100G switching, with multiple routers in AMS-1 and NIKHEF, interconnected via our own dark fiberring. Each location will have multiple upstreams for high resiliency.

All of Hybula's current service offerings will be available in Amsterdam, and all existing services will be migrated in the upcoming months. Our main focus here will be Cloud and Metal (dedicated servers managed like cloud). On top of this, we are able to offer enterprise colocation plans for those who want to use their own hardware. Contact our sales to reserve capacity as we have limited space available!