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Internet Exchange

ERA-IX is a young and disrupting challenger in the internet exchange market founded in 2022. The product offers a revolutionary feature set across many locations in Amsterdam. The platform enables low latency and enterprise-level peering.

1 Tbps+
Peak Traffic

DDoS Mitigation

Our state-of-the-art DDoS mitigation services enable service continuity during DDoS attacks. Mitigation capabilities include layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks. The filtering is carried out in-house by our own DDoS filtering solution, allowing full customization for optimal protection on the edge of your network.


IP Transit

Enterprise-grade IP transit in the Amsterdam region, on-net in multiple datacenters. Well-known due to a premium blend of upstreams towards ISPs globally. This offering builds upon our high capacity network to enable quality and low-latency transit.

1 Tbps+
Point of Presences

Managed NOC & PoP

Your partner for your NOC tasks or PoP design in Amsterdam. Our team has experience with terabits-scaled networks and are experts with Arista network equipment. We're present in all major datacenters in Amsterdam, we are your neutral local partner in building your PoP.

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Why us?

Choosing the right partner is not an easy task, so to make it easier for you, we have listed some of the reasons why people love to work with us!


While Eranium is a young company, it spinned off from Hybula B.V. in late 2023. Hybula was founded in 2017 and has been a premium cloud/security company for all these years. In order to improve focus, we decided to split enterprise (services higher in the chain) infrastructure into Eranium and let Hybula focus on cloud.


Our team has been in the NOC scene for many years, allowing them to build a tremendous amount of experience working with state-of-the-art hardware. We have been building and managing terabits-scaled networks for a long time, knowing all the ins and outs of pushing these amounts of packets. Our preferred partner in network equipment is Arista, we do however, also have experience managing Juniper and Huawei equipment.


Dutch culture, who doesn't like it?! We are direct, skilled in communication, honest and transparent. While there are many providers offering connectivity services in the Amsterdam region, a lot of them are not locals. Being local means that we know the culture, the suppliers, the datacenters, the locations and the networks. We have the connections to build your ideal Point-of-Presence.


We believe that just a lot of experience is not sufficient, so we push boundaries by being innovative. These two elements are the catalyst in our successful internet exchange ERA-IX. Founded in April 2022, ERA-IX is one of the fastest growing internet exchanges in the world. How we did this? By being a challenger and building innovative features.


We are flexible in many different aspects. Do you need a flexible contract? Do you want to chat with an engineer via WhatsApp or PGP? Pay invoices by cryptocurrency? Want to hop by our office for a good coffee? All possible.

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